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I’m not sure we’ve
got our internal
work flows right
and we need some
help on management
and delegation.
I’m just being a
busy fool.

You might have noticed that this site isn’t full of jargon or complex diagrams. These aspects have a part to play in some areas of consultancy, but my approach is more straightforward.

We’re looking for quick solutions and so my first mantra is to provide these in a pragmatic, no-nonsense manner and get right to the root cause of the issues.

My second mantra is that advice and consultancy adds value not cost. Consultancy frees-up valuable management time and allows businesses to have an independent expert resource, but without the employment cost or commitment.

Once we’ve decided to work together, we’ll agree a clear Terms of Reference and everything will be transparent. Nothing will change without your involvement. And where you need me, we’ll also discuss how I can be involved with you and your team to implement the solutions.

My third mantra is that not many of us can do everything, so if I come across something that needs another sphere of expertise, I have a network of specialists to call upon.

Getting close to your business is crucial to success and I’ll spend time analysing some of your issues off-site. But I’ll also need access to you, your staff, your premises and some of your key management information, and we’ll agree all those aspects so everything is clear.

My guess, though, is that you’ll still have further questions about how the process of engaging Tackle might impact you and your business. Have a look at the common questions section and if you’ve still got questions after this, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

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