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We don’t really
have a clear
strategy or a
proper business
plan, so we’re
too unfocused.

Tackle provides General Management consultancy and advice in five key areas, liberating space for leadership value to grow:

  • Strategy planning & Risk

  • Management systems & processes

  • Operational drivers & infrastructure

  • Organisational structure & people

  • Sales & Marketing

Problems in these areas are frequently the cause of issues around lack of strategic focus and growth, inefficiency, duplication of effort, increased costs and management time.

Sometimes it’s not clear what type of advice you need, but if you recognise any of the areas listed below, then arranging a free business audit might be the most important two hours you’ll spend this year.

  • You want to free-up space to concentrate on your main entrepreneurial thrust.
  • You want help to unlock sales and profit growth opportunities.
  • You don’t have a proper Business Plan.
  • You have processes and systems that you know could be more efficient.
  • You want to improve delegation and role definition issues.
  • You need to break old habits and move forward to new, profitable challenges.
  • You want the added confidence to make necessary changes and reduce leadership stress.
  • You want a better sales performance and a marketing and brand plan that’s fully aligned.
  • You want a boost to supplement and enhance existing experience and skills, for you or your staff.
  • You want to develop and up-skill your staff through training and coaching.
  • Costs aren’t under control and you have too much complexity.
  • You have internal or external communication issues.
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