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It’s understandable that businesses will have questions about advice and consultancy before they commit to a project.

This section fronts-up those important questions and allows you to see how Tackle provides the answer.

Business advice and consultancy should be viewed as an investment, not a cost.  You will see the benefits of the advice many times over, but without the commitment and cost of appointing a full-time employee.

How long will my project last?

Every project has different time scales and my proposal will outline the number of days’ work required and broadly how that time will be structured across the required time period. Tackle’s aim is to get the job done as soon as possible so that you start to see the benefits.

Will you treat it confidentially?

Absolutely! Your business will not be discussed with anyone else unless we need to engage other specialists in the project.

What will it cost?

Before you decide to appoint Tackle, you’ll be given a detailed cost for the work that is required to be carried out; everything is completely transparent.

The final decision to appoint Tackle is entirely in your hands and there will be no pressure exerted at any stage. Business advice and consultancy should be viewed as an investment, not a cost. You should see the benefits of the advice many times over, but without the commitment and cost of appointing a full-time employee.

How can someone make recommendations if they haven’t worked in our industry?

First, the independent outside eye perspective often provides better solutions than a so-called industry expert. This is because of the ability to look at things completely afresh. Also, you will be surprised how often an issue, perceived as only relevant to your industry, is in fact very common to numerous businesses.

Second, as part of me having unlimited access to the ibd network I am in the enviable position to be able to call on other experts when required, as you will see in the accreditation section.

How much will I personally need to be involved?

At the end of the day, it’s your business. As the owner or MD, and as the project sponsor, it will be absolutely critical that I use your knowledge and experience to help uncover issues and then implement solutions. You will need to be fully committed to the program and understand the implementation implications that might be require to reap the benefits. We will have a totally open relationship throughout and my single-minded aim is to be your ‘business friend’ so allowing me to guide the project to its profitable conclusion.

Do I need to have the Business Audit?

This is hugely important and is a desktop exercise at this stage. Only by questioning and analysis will key issues and improvement areas be identified. It’s crucial that all businesses regularly review their strategy, operations, growth opportunities and profitability and Tackle will enable you to do this.

The initial Business Audit is free and comes with no further obligation on your part. We’ll do it at your premises at a time to suit you and it will take between one and two hours. I’ll then write a short summary and return to discuss the findings with you. This second meeting is also at no cost.

At the end of this initial process, you will then have a detailed view on potential improvements and benefits for your business.

Will it affect my staff?

My sole aim is to improve business effectiveness and profitability, and most staff buy into the purpose of this aim. We do, of course, accept that some employees will always have doubts, but clear communication is crucial to overcoming this. We would separately discuss areas of particular sensitivity, and how to handle that, and I ‘m very happy to be part of any communication plan.

Will the project get in the way of day to day operations?

I will be very sensitive to your environment; the business needs to function as normal. I will need some access to the relevant junior and senior staff and I may need to conduct interviews, surveys, workshop sessions, observations and analysis. This is all part of understanding the necessary level of detail in order to present workable recommendations. In doing this, I will split my time between your premises and my office base. However, all the work on your site will be planned, communicated and carried out so it is convenient for you and doesn’t disrupt operations.

I don’t have the time or skills to implement any recommendations?

This is very common and totally understandable, and a key part of my service is to take part in whatever section of the implementation that you want to engage me in.

What if I don’t agree with the recommendations?

The final decision will always be yours; it’s your business. I will always be open and honest in my assessment and recommendations and I will discuss any rationale with you at all times.

With this collaborative way of working, any issues which may arise should be easily resolved.

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