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Our sales and
marketing performance
and management
is too often all over
the place; it needs
looking at by
someone fresh.

Through Tackle I’m an accredited Associate Member of the ibd Business Advice Group. When some projects require it, this means I have unique access to additional expert resources and services.

ibd operates a very strict recruitment code, with advisers coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, from smaller companies to multinationals, and who typically have board-level experience in the UK. The breakdown of skills amongst the members covers every conceivable discipline.

When certain projects require a different area of expertise, Tackle has access to this unique network, so providing a powerful proposition for any clients requiring a wider range of advice.With over 200 advisers across the UK, ibd has developed an enviable network of executive-level specialists.

Tackle can also access a range of other relevant business services through ibd via a series of affiliations and strategic partnerships with both Government and private organisations. This includes being a Delivery Partner for start-up loans and certain grants.

All this means that you can confidently engage Tackle to access a unique ‘one stop’ advice and consultancy service to allow your business to grow and become more effective.


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