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We’ve had big
growth which
looks very positive
from the outside,
but in here it’s
all too chaotic!

My name is Richard Hitchcock and I set up Tackle Business Advice to provide advice and consultancy services to the SME sector in Yorkshire and its immediate surrounds. This followed 35 years in senior roles across a wide variety of industry sectors and functional disciplines.

For over a decade I was Operations & Marketing Director at a £40m SME, and I’ve also got considerable corporate experience which is where I practiced my skills in numerous business consultancy roles.

I’m passionate about helping to make businesses more profitable, more efficient, and better places to work. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a business grow and adapt where I’ve had a hand in that process.

Three decades of multi-industry experience has allowed me to take a hands-on role in how businesses operate and what’s required to make improvements across a wide range of issues. A good product or service is essential, but it won’t reach its full potential without proper planning and execution achieved through excellent leadership, motivated and productive staff and efficient systems, processes and service levels. Tackle can add value in all these areas, not least because of my experience in a diversity of senior roles in consultancy, operations, sales and marketing, change management and HR.

I’m here to get stuck into business issues and offer solutions, but that’s only part of the story. The approach to dealing with these issues is also crucial. And that’s why I offer a service that’s also heavy on business empathy and based on strong personal values. Ultimately business is about people and it is they that will be tasked to deliver the improvement and change, be it the MD, the administrator or the delivery driver.

Have a look at the consultancy services section to see the areas where I can provide expertise.

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