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I’d like to step
back and review
where we’re
going, but I
just don’t have
time. We need
some external
business acumen.

From time to time all businesses have issues. When this happens, the benefit of having a fresh pair of expert eyes can be liberating for business owners and MDs   seeking performance and value improvement.

From strategy review to process improvement, Tackle provides a quick,     hands-on business consultancy and       problem-solving service.

As well as being a fresh pair of eyes, Tackle also provides a collaborative approach to advice and consultancy by being a ‘business friend’ to owners and managing directors who have the foresight and desire to seek improvements in their business.

Advice and consultancy can add value in a myriad of ways; from having a clearer business strategy through to better operational processes, and much more in between. And all with one key goal, improved effectiveness and profitability.

Find out more about what Tackle does by having a look at the consultancy services page and by browsing the site. Alternatively, you can just go straight to the contact section and call or email to arrange an initial meeting to see how we can work together to tackle your business issues. There is no cost for this meeting, nor any obligation to take things any further, and during the meeting I’ll carry out a business performance audit.

Business advice is a highly cost effective way of obtaining expert independent help, so get in touch to have an informal and friendly discussion and see where Tackle can address your issues.

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